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Young People: Get Involved

Snow-Camp is a youth charity providing disadvantaged young people from London's inner-city areas with the chance to experience mountain sports. As well as offering the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard during a week's stay in the French Alps and intensive two day courses on dry slopes and snowdomes in the UK, Snow-Camp also includes a Life-Skills course designed to enable young people to reflect on the key issues that impact their lives.

We need your support to continue to offer the Snow-Camp experience to more inner-city young people. If you would like to get involved, there are range of ways you can give from one-off donations, regular giving or through the bursary programme. Our website provides further details of all these options, and enables you to safely give online. Alternatively if you represent a company, please consider our range of sponsorship options. Or you can help by giving your time and skills to Snow-Camp through our Volunteer Programme.

If you are a young person 16+ who has been on a Snow-Camp, you probably want to make the most of your new skiing and boarding skills. Afterall, if you don't use it you lose it!

Did you know that the UK boasts 375 days of wintersports on 43 indoor/artificial slopes? Did you know that there are always freestyle events to attend, calls for DJs, performers and artists? There are even seasonal jobs in the UK ski industry that might be perfect for you.

Here are a few websites and events that are either associated with us or with our friends in the business. If you want to strap on a board or click into a pair of skis - get involved and remember to give a shout out to your friends at SNOW-CAMP!

The Snowball Rally
(3 days, 43 slopes, 1700 miles and you get to give back to us folks at Snow-Camp so we can take even more young people up to the mountain next year)

SNO!Zone @ Xscape Milton Keynes
(real snow near London - 365/7. What more can you ask for?)

For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB)
(a must join FB group: these guys are close friends of ours who promote Snow-Camp events and throw sic gigs of their own.)

Snowboard Club UK::The Riders Network
(this site is for snowboarders who are way too kool for skool, AND its free to sign up... Go on and give Snow-Camp the big up in the discussion forums)

(This one's a secret weapon to success: Jobs in Europe and elsewhere that let you basically get paid to ski! You didn't hear it from me ...)
(one for the ladies: a site with events, jobs, news and other stuff by and for "girls who know snow". join the forum and let them know you're from Snow-Camp)


The Snow-Camp Everest Challenge

Join other keen skiers and snowboarders as we race down 57,000 vertical feet in the Austrian Alps. That's twice the height of Mt. Everest!
...and do it all to raise money for Snow-Camp.

By going to filling out the online form and paying the joinging fee of £185.

Everything! That is flights (heathrow - munich), transfers (munich - zell am see), ski passes, accommodation and meals. We also provide all participants with training/fundraising support leading up to the event.

Each participant needs to raise a minimum of £1,500. We provide support and a webpage at to help each participant reach and exceed this target.

Yes! We welcome club, company or organisations that want to sign -up multiple people as a team.

We'll be riding for 9 hours a day for two days in a row so you will need better than average levels of fitness. Groups will be divided into Speeding Demons, Intermediates and Cruisers, with each group having its own guides.


Yep. All the coffee, apfelstudel and refreshments you want are available back at the hotel. After the Challenge, we will throw a bash (with award ceremony) after resting our legs at the Badhofgastein hot baths back in the village.

+ info


South American Snow Sessions VIP Sesh

SASS has been doing the camp thing for a while. We like to think we are the best at it. But there is still a ton that we can't let our under 18 guests partake in. So we set up a whole week devoted to catering to our 18+ guests, or as we are calling them, our VIP's. The week will be filled with sightseeing, the best parties at the hottest South American clubs, and of course the deepest pow in Argentina. Guides are provided on the hill, and we set up the afterparties. It's everything SASS is known for, without the summer camp feel.

The session runs from August 29 until Sept 7.

Hope to see you in Argentina!



Powder, kickers and spectacular riding; the first day of competition on the Big Mountain Pro concludes in style

February 04, 2009

The first day of competition on the Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro saw the six skiers steal the spotlight from the snowboarders

Boarding the bus in St Anton am Arlberg at 7am under clear blue skies, the 12 riders were treated to two faces in one day on which to hike and ride untouched powder. “We started the day on Wirth – a small face in the St Anton region,” event director Nicolas Hale Woods said. “It was a good warm-up for all of the riders.”

However it was last year’s winner, Jeremy Jones who wowed all watching with his original and adventurous line down the face, setting the standard for all to follow. “There were up to four features for the riders on the 150m vertical face, so it was great start,”

Nicolas Hale Woods said. The second face, Ameisen Spitze, is where the skiers stole the show. A bigger face with challenging natural features, was enhanced with two kickers built by the world class team of David Reinthaler and Nick Francke. “I’ve been shaping in parks and on events for the past few years so getting back into the mountains and shaping in the backcountry again has been great,” said Nick Francke. “Our aim was to build two nice kickers at the end of the run.

The skiers charged it pretty hard. I think the snowboarders didn’t expect it to be so much like a freestyle kicker, but they all seemed to like it,” said David Reinthaler. Among them was Eric Themel, who despite “flipping over the nose of my board twice because I brought the wrong board for the snow conditions,” was still enthusiastic about the two “perfectly shaped kickers,” as well as the two shapers standing by cheering on the riders; “It’s not often you get that kind of support freeriding on a mountain,” he said.

On that second face, snowboarder, Xavier de le Rue stood out for his fast and fluid line… and the two 360s he pulled out over the two kickers. And amongst the skiers it was Thomas Diet who stole the show. “Today really suited me,” Thomas said. “It was a mix of freeride and freestyle with the two big kickers at the end. I took two cliff drops and then took the two kickers.” Thomas didn’t just take the two kickers, he impressed the crowds watching from the other side of the mountain with a back flip over the first and a double back flip over the second… before and after his two cliff drops. “I’m essentially a freerider,” he said. “But I’ve always loved jumping off things since I was young, so this was perfect.” This is Thomas Diet’s third Big Mountain Pro, and the experience he has gained between each one showed today. “I’m only 24 years old,” he said. “When you look at the good freeriders they have so much experience and really understand the mountain.” “When you see people like Jeremy Jones and Xavier de le Rue they can read details on the mountain from almost a few kilometers away. I really try to learn from these guys and ask them a lot of questions.”

The Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro will stay in the St Anton am Arlberg region tomorrow as it looks towards the face of Brandjoch, just outside of Innsbruck for another challenging and no doubt spectacular day of competition. “I know the face tomorrow,” says local Eric Themel. “It’s a special one to ride because you can see Innsbruck the entire time you are riding down. It’s hard to find another place in the world you can go freeriding while you look over a major city.”

Follow the Big Mountain Pro with the daily highlight shows on


El Dorado Freeride

Ndr. Disculpas por la horrible musica libre de derechos que suena de fondo...

El Sector Arcalís de VALLNORD será la sede de la gran final de El Dorado Freeride.
La clásica competición de freeride de esquí, telemark y snowboard se celebrará los días 13, 14 y 15 de febrero y acogerá a los 32 finalistas de esta 12ª edición.

La competición se desarrollara en la Coma de Arcalís y que consiste en bajar desde las cimas pendientes con inclinaciones de hasta 55º. Los riders han de estudiar detenidamente los sectores elegidos por la organización para determinar su descenso, entre cortados, rocas y corredores que les obligan a utilizar la imaginación para decidir sus líneas. Ésta línea determina la puntuación .

32 Rider’s finalistas / 16 Rider’s Wild Card
Accederán a la gran final los 16 clasificados de la previa que se disputará los días 24 y 25 de enero en una de las estaciones del Pirineo Catalán.
Los vencedores de la pasada edición tienen el pase directo a la final,.
La organización invitará a 8 rider’s internacionales.

Máxima participación
Para participar en El Dorado es necesario disponer de un excelente currículo deportivo revisado por la organización. Es indispensable poseer de una gran experiencia en alta montaña además de una buena técnica. Tener licencia federativa vigente y cubierto el rescate en alta montaña, así como disponer de detector de búsqueda en caso de avalancha (ARVA), sonda, pala de nieve y sus diferentes sistemas para los ascensos, raquetas de nieve o crampones.

11 años de historia y 3.500€ de premios en metalico.
El Dorado Freeride nació en 1998. En los últimos tres años se ha celebrado en VALLNORD.

Rider’s que accederán a la gran final:
  • 16 Riders Clasificados de la previa de un total de 40
  • 8 Riders Wild Card: Ganadores edición 2008
  • 8 Riders VIP Selection (Invitación Riders Wild Card Internacionales)



Barcelona celebrará los días 11 y 12 de octubre en el Parc del Fòrum un gran evento de deportes extremos de formato inédito en España. BARCELONA EXTREME SPORTS FESTIVAL reunirá en el mismo recinto competiciones internacionales de Skateboard, BMX, Inline, FMX, Wakeboard, Ski y Snowboard.
El evento contará con la participación de destacados riders nacionales e internacionales, así como competición amateur, exhibiciones, clinics, música y muestras de cultura urbana.
Los principales riders nacionales e internacionales de Skateboard, Bike Freestyle (BMX), Inline, Motocross Freestyle (FMX), Wakeboard, Ski y Snowboard (estas dos en modalidad de jibbing) se citarán en el Parc del Fòrum en un evento que combinará competición profesional al más alto nivel con pruebas amateurs y clinics. La cita, impulsada por el Ajuntament de Barcelona y el Institut Barcelona Esports, nace con el propósito de erigirse en uno de los principales referentes del deporte urbano.
El fin de semana del 11 y 12 de octubre, los deportes extremos tomarán la ciudad de Barcelona que, de nuevo, se coloca a la vanguardia y reitera su firme apuesta por el deporte. Además de la amplia oferta deportiva, Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival ofrecerá un conjunto de actividades complementarias como sesiones de DJ’s, arte urbano, zona comercial, etc.

Todo ello conviviendo en un espacio, el Parc del Fòrum, que para su primer gran acto deportivo diurno albergará toda una serie de instalaciones para la práctica de estas competiciones. Un total de 200 riders profesionales y 500 amateurs participarán en los distintos cuadros de competición.
Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival es una nueva competición internacional con diseño y marca propia que nace de la inquietud de una ciudad que tiene en el deporte y sus grandes acontecimientos una seña de identidad y que a su vez apuesta por los deportes de nuevas tendencias.

Un total de diez pruebas en categoría profesional y de ámbito internacional garantizan un espectáculo deportivo de primer orden. En este sentido, las infraestructuras que albergarán estas pruebas serán de alto nivel. Once áreas diferenciadas, entre las que destacan dos Streetparks de 1.200 y 800 m2, half pipe, flatland, zona de saltos FMX, rampas y barandillas para las pruebas de ski y snowboard y un espacio con rampas y raíles para las pruebas de wakeboard en la bocana del Fòrum. Asimismo, los asistentes tendrán la oportunidad de practicar algunas de estas modalidades en instalaciones específicas.

Más información la página web del evento:


Lesión de María José Rienda

María José Rienda sufre una caída y se rompe el ligamento lateral interno, el cruzado anterior y el menisco

La granadina será sometida el lunes a una nueva prueba diagnóstica para valorar el alcance de la lesión La esquiadora granadina María José Rienda sufrió en la jornada de ayer una caída mientras entrenaba en la estación estadounidense de Dillon que podría mantenerla apartada de las pistas de esquí durante los próximos seis meses.
En una primera exploración, los médicos han diagnosticado la rotura del ligamento lateral interno, del cruzado anterior y el menisco de la rodilla derecha de la granadina, que preparaba en Estados Unidos su debut en la Copa del Mundo de gigante el próximo 25 de noviembre en Aspen (Colorado).
Pese a que probablemente tenga que ser operada y es posible que esté de baja los próximos seis meses, Rienda asegura que está “animada, porque podría haber sido peor. Dentro de lo malo, es lo mejor porque es más fácil operar cuando el ligamento está roto del todo que cuando la rotura es parcial”. De hecho, la esquiadora ya piensa en comenzar cuanto antes la rehabilitación.
El próximo lunes, el médico Richard Steadman, que ha tratado las lesiones de algunos de los mejores esquiadores del mundo, evaluará el alcance definitivo de la lesión y la posibilidad de intervenir quirúrgicamente la rodilla.

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