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Young People: Get Involved

Snow-Camp is a youth charity providing disadvantaged young people from London's inner-city areas with the chance to experience mountain sports. As well as offering the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard during a week's stay in the French Alps and intensive two day courses on dry slopes and snowdomes in the UK, Snow-Camp also includes a Life-Skills course designed to enable young people to reflect on the key issues that impact their lives.

We need your support to continue to offer the Snow-Camp experience to more inner-city young people. If you would like to get involved, there are range of ways you can give from one-off donations, regular giving or through the bursary programme. Our website provides further details of all these options, and enables you to safely give online. Alternatively if you represent a company, please consider our range of sponsorship options. Or you can help by giving your time and skills to Snow-Camp through our Volunteer Programme.

If you are a young person 16+ who has been on a Snow-Camp, you probably want to make the most of your new skiing and boarding skills. Afterall, if you don't use it you lose it!

Did you know that the UK boasts 375 days of wintersports on 43 indoor/artificial slopes? Did you know that there are always freestyle events to attend, calls for DJs, performers and artists? There are even seasonal jobs in the UK ski industry that might be perfect for you.

Here are a few websites and events that are either associated with us or with our friends in the business. If you want to strap on a board or click into a pair of skis - get involved and remember to give a shout out to your friends at SNOW-CAMP!

The Snowball Rally
(3 days, 43 slopes, 1700 miles and you get to give back to us folks at Snow-Camp so we can take even more young people up to the mountain next year)

SNO!Zone @ Xscape Milton Keynes
(real snow near London - 365/7. What more can you ask for?)

For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB)
(a must join FB group: these guys are close friends of ours who promote Snow-Camp events and throw sic gigs of their own.)

Snowboard Club UK::The Riders Network
(this site is for snowboarders who are way too kool for skool, AND its free to sign up... Go on and give Snow-Camp the big up in the discussion forums)

(This one's a secret weapon to success: Jobs in Europe and elsewhere that let you basically get paid to ski! You didn't hear it from me ...)
(one for the ladies: a site with events, jobs, news and other stuff by and for "girls who know snow". join the forum and let them know you're from Snow-Camp)



FBBB hit the biggest indoor snow park in the world!!!

Five slopes & eight lifts. Two green, one blue and even a red slope.

The world's longest slope of 520 meters.

For freestyle skiers and snowboarders, there is an official indoor FIS funpark (largest indoor funpark of the world).

With the six person chair lift, original Austrian Almhütte on the slope, the winter sports feeling is completed. A comfort ride with the chair lift, takes you to the top of the slope, where you can start the descent. To get warmed up during the skiing, you can enter the Almhütte for a hot chocolate with whipped cream or a glühwein. Here you really get the feeling that you are in the Alps!

Besides this, SnowWorld has the newest rental equipment and an international ski- and snowboard school. In March, the doors of Sporthotel SnowWorld Landgraaf are opened.

Finally you can go on a winter sports holiday to the Netherlands!

Friday - Solo Jam Session 7pm - 11pm.
Friday Evening Grand Afterparty 11pm - 3am.
Saturday - Team Jam Battle (4 vs 4 - 2 Boys & 2 Girls - Teams selected randomly) 7pm - 11pm.
Saturday Evening Chill Out After Party 11pm - 3am.

17,50 Euros PER DAY (MEMBERS)

Single Room 125 Euros per person per night
Double Room 105 Euros per person per night
Three in 1 Room 95 Euros per person per night
Four in 1 Room 90 Euros per person per night

Slope pass and full board included in the above prices


SNOW.boART.TV @ Facebook

SNOW.boART.TV on Facebook