Love Park's 6th Annual Vert Alert

New Park for '09 Vert Alert Series

Love Park is being moved and completely redesigned just for the 2009 Vert Alert Series.

The new Love Park will be located on Bennett's Bowl off Chair 2. Check back for updates.

  • Amatuer slopestyle competition open to all ages and abilities.
  • Rregistration fee gets you lunch from Wahoo's Fish Taco and Mountain Dew plus an event t-shirt.
  • Registration starts at 8am in the Rathskeller and is open to the first 80 competitors.
  • Pick up coupons for discounted event entry and lift tickets at any front range Wahoo's Fish Taco.
  • Over $5000 in prizes for each event: Skis, snowboards, jackets, helmets, goggles etc..

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