Take Care, My Friends !

In April of 2008 I drove from Lake Tahoe to Haines, Alaska up the Al-Can highway through British Columbia and the Yukon with an enclosed 4-snowmobile trailer and a ton of gear. I told myself the year before after a few years of getting "shut out" with heli time, that I wouldn't come back up without snowmobiles....instead of sitting around drinking myself into oblivion on a "down day."

Well thank God we did that because we definitely had down days again right from the get-go. The sledding up at Haines Pass is out of control good. Even staying closer to town like below Old Faithful is great. Can't say enough about how much fun it is to ride snowmobiles up there with no trees.

So the first legit day after that main snow storm cycle, we still went out snowmobiling one more time wanting to let the snow set up a bit more....while another part of our group went up in the bird. Actually two groups went up in the bird, and the first group did all the normal day-after-storm-cycle snow pit and snow quality tests.

The first group decided that while the dangers remained elevated, that it was good to go. They all made some of the sickest pow turns in their lives I was told. The next group then - a couple hundred meters or so over - set up for their descent.

The guy in the video was the first one to drop from their group and while not a guide, he had a lot of Utah and AK backcountry experience. He had a Black Diamond Avalung on, but as you can tell from the video while he's talking as he's dropping in, it wasn't in his mouth to start. He tried to shove it in the instant of starting to get sucked down, but it didn't stay in fully during his ragdoll descent. It was just off to the corner of his mouth he said, and he definitely got some snow / ice in his mouth still.

So as he drops in you can also see the sluff to the skier's right immediately start building....and that's actually the chute that was the intended route down. For whatever reason - well pure, unadulterated powder will do it to you - he didn't go make some strong "skier cuts" into the upper pack to do one final snow check as instructed by the main guide who was doing the "tail gunner" work.

Instead he just sent it. And it didn't take more than a few turns out on this big shoulder above this cliff band to break loose.

This was a decent sized avalanche. 1,500 feet the dude fell in a little over 20 seconds. The crown was about 1 - 1.5m. The chute that he got sucked through to the skier's right was flanked on either side by cliff bands that were about 30m tall. He luckily didn't break any bones and obviously didn't hit anything on the run out.

He was only buried for 4 and a half minutes which is incredibly short. I cannot stress these next sentences enough; that in and of itself to be unburied in ONLY 4:28 is miraculous if you have any understanding of being caught in an avalanche and what it takes to be found. It could literally be some kind of "world record" just on how good the guide and supporting cast of other skiers was in getting to him. It also shows why you should ALWAYS be going with people trained in avalanche rescue / first aid....as well as why you'd want to be going with a guided heli operation. Sure this was terrifying for him, but he would've probably been dead if not for going with a guide.

He also got very lucky to be honest. In the time that he's buried, you can hear his breathing already accelerate. The ruffling noise back and forth is his chest rising and falling and the noise that his jacket makes. The intermittent whimpering noise you hear is him trying to swallow and get some air since the avalung wasn't fully in his mouth and instead just to the corner of his mouth. Still sends chills up the back of my neck. Oh...the luck? They located him so fast because his right glove came off just before he came completley to rest and there was an excellent visual of course.

And then the digging out is utterly amazing. I don't think that you could've paid a Hollywood crew to stage something better. The fact that he could've been facing any 360 direction and yet he's looking right up into the sun-filled blue sky with that first full scoop away of the shovel is borderline spiritual.

This is simply a very sobering and unbelievable video. However, you should take away from this video all the positive things that you can learn from it. Yes there are risks to the backcountry - but with proper gear, training, and guide(s) with avalanche and EMT training - you can greatly lower your chances of getting caught in an avalanche in the first place.....and coming back alive if you ever were to get caught in a slide.

Respect Mother Nature for sure. Learn from this. But just like a Craig Kelly in the snowboard world or a Shane McConkey in the ski world who died out in the backcountry (Craig via avalanche and Shane via ski B.A.S.E. jumping), they left this earth while doing the things that they were truly passionate about. And while they would stress the need for the proper gear and training....neither one would want backcountry enthusiasts to curtail their adventures because of their accidents....or this video.

Please check with your local resort for classes on backcountry training, or try starting with a place like AIARE - the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Training. Their website is avtraining.org.

Teaser Nimbus Bad Quality Productions

"Nimbus" es la ultima película de BQP o Bad Quality Producciones.
Lejos de la "Mala Calidad" BQP estuvo recorriendo Europa y Sudamérica tratando de conseguir la mejor calidad posible con riders como: mati radaelli, fer natalucci, nico natalucci, facu huarriz, marc salas, dani sastre, tincho bisi, suray fernandez, pepe sanchez, manu dominguez, fran belaustegui, tomi materi.
En Febrero podrán conseguir Nimbus en Surfer Rule mag o descargar el video completo en HD en www.nimbus-snowboard.com


TGR gear 35% off!

Just wanted to let you guys know about a limited time, 8 hour sale in the TGR Shop online. The Teton Collection, beanies, and the Re:Session DVD will all be 35% off on Friday Nov. 27th from 6am to 2pm MST (only 8 hrs so be on it). So set your alarm, shake off the food coma from Thanksgiving and score some new TGR gear 35% off! http://shop.tetongravity.com/Black-Friday-Sale.aspx


La nieve llega a Barcelona

El 7 y 8 de noviembre el estadi Lluis Companys vivirá su mayor metamorfosis para convertirse en sede de Barcelona Snow Show, evento pionero en España que traerá a la ciudad a los mejores riders nacionales e internacionales de snowboard y esquí freestyle.
Barcelona Snow Show ofrecerá un espectáculo deportivo de primer nivel con la celebración de la LG Fis Snowboard World Cup Big Air y el International Freeski Big Air.
Para la ocasión se construirá un Big Air de 35 metros de altura, el mayor de Europa, y también habrá zona comercial y actividades complementarias para convertir Barcelona Snow Show en la gran fiesta de inauguración de la temporada de nieve.

Algo extraordinario sucederá este 2009 en Barcelona. La temporada de esquí se adelanta y tendrá un inicio espectacular. Inolvidable. Por primera vez la nieve llegará antes a Barcelona  que a las montañas. Será el 7 y 8 de noviembre, concretamente en el Estadi Olímpic Lluis Companys, que vivirá su mayor metamorfosis hasta la fecha para convertirse en la sede de la primera edición de Barcelona Snow Show, competición de snowboard y esquí freestyle en la modalidad de Big Air. Los mejores especialistas del mundo se citarán en el Estadi Olímpic para participar en la prueba de snowboard puntuable para la Copa del Mundo de la Federación Internacional de Esquí (FIS), la LG FIS Snowboard World Cup Big Air) y en el International Freeski Big Air.

Con este nuevo evento organizado por Seven Marketing que cuenta con el apoyo de Ajuntament de Barcelona, Turisme de Catalunya, Campionat del Món de Snowboard La Molina 2011, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya,  Associació Catalana d’Estacions d’Esquí i de Muntanya (ACEM) y Federación Internacional de Esquí (FIS), Barcelona volverá a erigirse en capital del deporte con la organización de un evento pionero en España que cuenta con antecedentes como el Air&Style Münich (55.000 espectadores), el Big Air World Cup de Estocolmo (24.000 espectadores) o el X-Trail Jam Tokio (75.000 espectadores).  Barcelona Snow Show cuenta también con la colaboración del Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD), Secretaria General de l’Esport (SGE), Real Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno (RFEDI) y Federació Catalana d’Esports d’Hivern (FCEH).

A partir de la construcción modular de un trampolín de grandes dimensiones y utilizando los más avanzados sistemas de creación de nieve artificial, Barcelona Snow Show transportará a los espectadores a una estación de esquí en la misma montaña de Montjuïc, garantizando una experiencia única de la mano de los mejores riders nacionales e internacionales del momento.

El Big Air de Barcelona tendrá unas dimensiones de 35 metros de altura, convirtiéndose en la rampa más alta realizada en Europa para una prueba de la Copa del Mundo de Snowboard. Su diseño, especial para la competición de Big Air en Barcelona, así como su montaje será realizado por la empresa Nüssli, responsable de montajes en Copas del Mundo de Esquí, Juegos Olímpicos, Campeonatos de Fórmula 1 o la Expo de Zaragoza, entre otros proyectos. El montaje de esta espectacular estructura se realizará mediante el sistema portante CD, con vigas tridimensionales reforzadas de tubo de acero galvanizado y unidas longitudinalmente y transversalmente.

La gran cantidad de nieve artificial que precisará el Big Air se producirá mediante el sistema Polar Snow. Para su fabricación se combinan nitrógeno líquido, aire compromido y agua, lo que permite la producción de nieve a cualquier temperatura exterior.

Barcelona Snow Show promete un espectáculo deportivo de primer nivel y también quiere convertirse en la gran fiesta de inauguración de la temporada de nieve. Así, paralelamente a la competición Big Air y coincidiendo con el inicio de la temporada blanca, el Estadi Olímpic albergará también una amplia zona de expositores del sector de la nieve, desde tiendas a marcas, agencias de viajes, oficinas de turismo y diversos agentes de los deportes de invierno,  y organizará actividades paralelas abiertas al público.

7,5 millones de esquiadores en España y 2,2 en Catalunya en la temporada 2008-09
Barcelona Snow Show llega ocho meses después de que la campaña de esquí 2008-09 bajara el telón convertida en una temporada histórica, con más de seis meses de apertura continuada y un incremento del 27,5% en el número de visitantes, que hizo alcanzar la cifra récord de 7,5 millones de esquiadores en España, 2,2 de los cuales en Catalunya.

Se trata del mejor balance de temporada en las últimas décadas de un sector que ha vivido un incremento continuado sólo alterado por las malas condiciones meteorológicas en las temporadas 06-07 y 08-09 y que ha invertido en los últimos 10 años 700 millones de euros en la mejora y acondicionamiento de las estaciones de esquí. Según datos de la Asociación Turística de Estaciones de Esquí y Montaña (ATUDEM) la industria de las Estaciones de Esquí genera alrededor de 7.000 puestos de trabajo directos y cerca de 50.000 empleos indirectos en los valles en los que están ubicadas. Por otra parte, en Catalunya, según datos de la ACEM, las 16 estaciones de esquí (diez de alpino y seis de nórdico) realizaron la temporada pasada una inversión de 22 millones de euros y registraron la venta de un total de 2.213.481 forfets.

El Barcelona Snow Show llega en el mejor momento posible para todos los interesados por los deportes de nieve, ya que lo hace en vísperas de unos Juegos Olímpicos, los que el próximo febrero tendrán lugar en Vancouver (Canadá). El snowboard, deporte incluido en el calendario olímpico desde Nagano'98 y que estará representado en el estadio de Montjuïc por los mejores del circuito FIS, será una de las estrellas del programa canadiense.

Los surfers vivieron sus primeros Juegos en aquella cita de Japón, donde se dio paso al halfpipe y al eslalon gigante individual, reemplazado este último por el eslalon gigante paralelo en Salt Lake City'02. El último evento olímpico, el de Torino'06, sirvió para que se incorporase al programa el snowboard cross , una modalidad espectacular en la que cuatro corredores pelean codo a codo por ser el primero en cruzar la meta en diferentes series de eliminación. Barcelona Snow Show ofrecerá a los aficionados un 'big air', la modalidad más espectacular de las que integran el circuito FIS, pero muchos de sus practicantes combinan este tipo de acrobacia con las que exige el 'half pipe' y, por lo tanto, son candidatos a competir en Vancouver.

Y si esto es por lo que se refiere al snowboard, el esquí freestyle, el otro gran protagonista en Montjuïc, tendrá también su parcela destacada en Canadá, después de formar parte del calendario de unos Juegos de Invierno desde Albertville'92. En aquella primera ocasión fueron los 'moguls' los que se erigieron en disciplina olímpica, pero después legaron los saltos en Lillehammer'94 y, ahora, se sumará el ski cross, la modalidad sobre dos tablas del snowboard cross.

Barcelona Snow Show será por lo tanto el pistoletazo de salida de Vancouver'10, la cita más importante del año por lo que a deportes de nieve se refiere, que se prolongará durante dieciséis días: del 12 al 28 de febrero, a los que hay que sumar otros diez destinados a los Juegos Paralímpicos. Un total de 5.500 atletas competirán en Canadá, así como 1.350 paralímpicos, con representación de más de ochenta países en el primer caso y de cuarenta en el segundo. Los periodistas acreditados alcanzarán la cifra de 10.000 y se espera que más de 3.000 millones de personas sigan lo que sucede en Vancouver a través de la televisión.

Por último recordar que los Juegos del próximo año tienen también sus mascotas, en este caso tres: Quatchi, Miga and Sumi. Su trabajo empezará con el recorrido de la antorcha, aunque antes deberán estar atentos a lo que suceda en Barcelona.

Diecisiete años después el espíritu olímpico sigue impregnando el ADN de Barcelona, una ciudad que ha encontrado en el deporte a su mejor aliado para posicionarse en el mapa mundial.
Barcelona es la primera ciudad de Europa y la segunda del mundo (por detrás sólo de Denver) en número de abonados a equipamientos deportivos en relación al número de habitantes. Inolvidable fue la cita olímpica de 1992 e impresionante ha seguido siendo la apuesta por el deporte de esta ciudad que ha albergado desde finales de la Copa Davis, sin olvidar que es la única ciudad con sede fija de un GP de Formula 1 y del GP de Catalunya de Motociclismo. Hoy Barcelona mantiene su espíritu deportivo e innovador con eventos tan destacados y punteros como la Barcelona World Race, la regata por parejas que da la vuelta al mundo sin escalas o eventos pioneros como el Movistar Barcelona Extreme, la cita con los deportes extremos puntera en Europa que en sólo dos ediciones ha congregado a más de 70.000 espectadores en el Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona.
Barcelona, que sigue ostentando el récord Guiness de participación en una carrera popular con los 109.457 participantes que tomaron la salida en la Cursa de El Corte Inglés en 1992, ha batido récord de participación también en La Marató de Barcelona y este año ha conseguido albergar con gran éxito de público dos etapas del Tour de Francia 2009 y una prueba del circuito mundial de voley playa, el Hyundai Open Barcelona que se celebró a principios de septiembre en una ubicación espectacular como es la Font Màgica de Montjuïc. Fiel a su espíritu inquieto e innovador, Barcelona ha visto como la playa subía a Montjuïc y el mar inundaba el Sant Jordi gracias a un evento tan espectacular como el windsurf indoor que hace ahora doce años llenó las gradas e hizo volar a los participantes gracias a 30 ventiladores gigantes de 3.000 kw. de potencia que fabricaron vientos de hasta 60 Km/hora.


Hard To Earn Movie Premier

by Cole Taylor, MFM and Finga On Da Trigga
Snowboard Movie Premier

Also showing "Big Trouble in Lil Truckee"
All Ages show, at Grand Sierra Resort

Autographs from the pros, and tons of FREE GEAR! - including snowboards, outerwear, lift tickets and more.

Show starts at 7:00 - so be early!

Afterparty at Xtreme inside the Grand Sierra - 21+ only!
Drink specials and more giveaways.


Le CIO et Omega prolongent leur partenariat jusqu'en 2020

Le Comité International Olympique (CIO) a annoncé aujourd'hui le prolongement de son partenariat actuel avec Omega jusqu'en 2020. Ce partenariat englobe les XXIIes Jeux Olympiques d'hiver en 2014 à Sotchi, Fédération de Russie, les Jeux de la XXXIe Olympiade en 2016, les XXIIIes Jeux Olympiques d'hiver en 2018 et les Jeux de la XXXIIe Olympiade en 2020.
L'annonce a eu lieu au Musée Olympique à Lausanne en Suisse. Par cet accord, Omega continuera à jouer son rôle de chronométreur officiel des Jeux Olympiques, ce qui portera sa collaboration avec le Mouvement olympique à un total de 29 éditions des Jeux Olympiques.
Le président du CIO, Jacques Rogge, a salué l'engagement d'Omega envers les Jeux Olympiques : "L'importance accordée par Omega aux techniques de chronométrage dans le sport et son attachement aux athlètes et au Mouvement olympique sont  à la base de la grande confiance que le CIO et les organisateurs des Jeux Olympiques ont dans cette entreprise".
Ainsi que l'a déclaré Gerhard Heiberg, président de la commission du marketing du CIO : "la précision d'Omega, ses compétences techniques et ses années d'expérience ont contribué au succès des Jeux Olympiques modernes. Omega travaille aujourd'hui en étroite collaboration avec tous nos partenaires technologiques pour fournir aux différents comités d'organisation des Jeux Olympiques une assistance technique intégrée".

Stephen Urquhart, président d'Omega, a affirmé pour sa part : "L'entreprise Omega est fière de poursuivre son partenariat de longue date avec le CIO et la première manifestation sportive du monde. Depuis 1932, les Jeux Olympiques nous ont offert un tremplin unique et idéal pour la diffusion de notre image de précision, de qualité et d'innovation dans un environnement prestigieux.”

Les partenaires mondiaux qui ont confirmé leur engagement pour Vancouver en 2010 et Londres en 2012 sont les suivants : Coca-Cola, Acer, Atos Origin, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, Samsung and Visa.
Atos Origin, Panasonic et Samsung ont reconduit leur partenariat jusqu'en 2016.
Coca-Cola et Omega ont reconduit leur partenariat jusqu'en 2020.


Rock on Snowboard Tour 2009

Vous aviez pris l'habitude de vous rendre au Mondial du Snowboard pendant les vacances de la Toussaint ?
De tester des snowboards ?
De rencontrer des riders ?
De participer à des contests ?
De boire une bière et même trois avec vos potes en parlant de la saison de ride à venir ?
Changer rien...!!!

Au lieu de noter Mondial du Snow sur votre agenda, notez Rock on Snowboard Tour et jetez un oeil sur la "carte de France" pour localiser les étapes de cette tournée événement. 
L'arrivée des flocons ça se prépare, ça se fête... 
Préparez vous donc à tester plus que jamais les nouvelles boards de toutes les marques de snowboards, vous allez même pouvoir vous faire conseiller, apprendre à faire la différence entre tel et tel modèle, et gagner du matos.
Niveau contests, il y en aura pour les pros et les amateurs auront le droit à leur quart d'heure de gloire avec le contest RIDERS HERO, une sorte de "à la recherche de la nouvelle rockstar du snowboard" ! L'événement sera rock à souhait avec un rail-guitare tout spécialement fabriqué pour la tournée sur laquelle des best tricks seront organisés.
Les amateurs de vidéo ne seront pas en reste et pourront même essayer du matos pour filmer leur session ou celles de leurs, amis de ride, en participant au concours richement doté: REC YOUR BAND.

Le crew Homies fera aussi l honneur de sa présence sur chaque date pour présenter en grandes pompes leur nouvelle vidéo: Locked outside
Et puis c? est tout !
Non en fait, il y aura aussi de la bière, des concerts et ce, tous les samedis soirs des étapes et que vous soyez VIP ou pas, la bière aura le même goût, la musique la même tonalité rock. Mais le Rock on Snowboard Tour c'est surtout un événement pour les passionnés de snowboard...avis donc aux amateurs D ailleurs Rock on Snowboard peut se traduire par le snowboard ça rock,  rock ton snowboard, ou encore par amuse toi avec ta board!
Are you ready to ride ?

SnowHall:  16 et 17 Octubre 2009
Les 2Alps: 24 et 25 Octobre 2009
100€ / personne* hébergement 2 nuits + skipass 2 jours
*Tarif sur la base d'un appartement 4 personnes en pleine occupation, sous réserve de disponibilités  +33 (0)4 76 79 24 38 reservation@les2alpes.com
Piau-Engaly:  5 et 6 Décembre 2009
D’ici peu, vous pourrez réserver votre package hébergement (nuits du vendredi et du samedi) + skipass 2 jours à partir de 88 €/personne !!!
+33 (0) infos@piau-engaly.com
Avoriaz: 12 et 13 Décembre 2009
+33(0)4 50 74 02 11 info@avoriaz.com


Young People: Get Involved

Snow-Camp is a youth charity providing disadvantaged young people from London's inner-city areas with the chance to experience mountain sports. As well as offering the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard during a week's stay in the French Alps and intensive two day courses on dry slopes and snowdomes in the UK, Snow-Camp also includes a Life-Skills course designed to enable young people to reflect on the key issues that impact their lives.

We need your support to continue to offer the Snow-Camp experience to more inner-city young people. If you would like to get involved, there are range of ways you can give from one-off donations, regular giving or through the bursary programme. Our website provides further details of all these options, and enables you to safely give online. Alternatively if you represent a company, please consider our range of sponsorship options. Or you can help by giving your time and skills to Snow-Camp through our Volunteer Programme.

If you are a young person 16+ who has been on a Snow-Camp, you probably want to make the most of your new skiing and boarding skills. Afterall, if you don't use it you lose it!

Did you know that the UK boasts 375 days of wintersports on 43 indoor/artificial slopes? Did you know that there are always freestyle events to attend, calls for DJs, performers and artists? There are even seasonal jobs in the UK ski industry that might be perfect for you.

Here are a few websites and events that are either associated with us or with our friends in the business. If you want to strap on a board or click into a pair of skis - get involved and remember to give a shout out to your friends at SNOW-CAMP!

The Snowball Rally
(3 days, 43 slopes, 1700 miles and you get to give back to us folks at Snow-Camp so we can take even more young people up to the mountain next year)

SNO!Zone @ Xscape Milton Keynes
(real snow near London - 365/7. What more can you ask for?)

For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB)
(a must join FB group: these guys are close friends of ours who promote Snow-Camp events and throw sic gigs of their own.)

Snowboard Club UK::The Riders Network
(this site is for snowboarders who are way too kool for skool, AND its free to sign up... Go on and give Snow-Camp the big up in the discussion forums)

(This one's a secret weapon to success: Jobs in Europe and elsewhere that let you basically get paid to ski! You didn't hear it from me ...)

(one for the ladies: a site with events, jobs, news and other stuff by and for "girls who know snow". join the forum and let them know you're from Snow-Camp)

Burton New Zealand Open Webcast

The Burton New Zealand Open is an established annual event within the Burton family. With 6 years already under its belt, the New Zealand Open kick-starts Burton's 2010 Global Open Series.

This years event sees the NZO return to its place of origin, Cardrona Alpine Resort, and will comprise of Half Pipe and Slopestyle disciplines.

Thursday, August 13
Morning Show 5:20 p.m. – 5:40 p.m. (ET) / 2:20 p.m.– 2:40 p.m. (PT)
Slopestyle Semi-finals: Women 5:40 p.m. – 6:40 p.m. (ET) / 2:40 p.m. – 3:40 p.m. (PT)
Slopestyle Semi-finals: Men 7:20 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (ET) / 4:20 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (PT)
Slopestyle Finals 9:50 p.m. – 11:20 p.m. (ET) / 6:50 p.m. – 8:20 p.m. (PT)
End Show 11:20 p.m. – 11:40 p.m. (ET) / 8:20 p.m. – 8:40 p.m. (PT)

Friday, August 14
Morning Show 5:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. (ET) / 2:15 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. (PT)
Halfpipe Semi-finals: Women 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (ET) / 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (PT)
Halfpipe Semi-finals: Men 7:15 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. (ET) / 4:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. (PT)
Halfpipe Finals 9:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. (ET) / 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (PT)
End Show 11:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. (ET) / 8:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (PT)

LIVE WEBCASTS: European Time Zones
Thursday, August 13
Morning Show 11:20 p.m. – 11:40 p.m. (CET)
Slopestyle Semi-finals: Women 11:40 p.m. – 12:40 a.m. (CET)

Friday, August 14
Slopestyle Semi-finals: Men 1:20 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. (CET)
Slopestyle Finals 3:50 a.m. – 5:20 a.m. (CET)
End Show 5:20 a.m. – 5:40 a.m. (CET)
Morning Show 11:15 p.m. – 11:45 p.m. (CET)
Halfpipe Semi-finals: Women 11:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. (CET)

Saturday, August 15
Halfpipe Semi-finals: Men 1:15 a.m. – 2:45 a.m. (CET)
Halfpipe Finals 3:30 a.m. – 5:30 a.m. (CET)
End Show 5:30 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. (CET)

New Zealand Times:

Men's and Women's Slopestyle Practice
(8am - 8am)
Men's Halfpipe Practice
(8:30am - 10:30am)
Women's Slopestyle Semifinals
(9:40am - 10:40am)
Men's Slopestyle Practice
(10:40am - 11:10am)
Women's Halfpipe Practice
(10:50am - 12:50pm)
Men's Slopestyle Semifinals
(11:20am - 1pm)
Men's and Women's Slopestyle Practice
(1pm - 1:30pm)
Men's and Women's Slopestyle Finals
(1:50pm - 3:20pm)
Slopestyle Awards
(3:30pm - 4pm)
Rider Meeting
(4pm - 4:30pm)

Men's and Women's Halfpipe Practice
(8am - 9:15am)
Women's Halfpipe Semifinals
(9:30am - 10:30am)
Men's Halfpipe Practice
(10:30am - 11am)
Men's Halfpipe Semifinals
(11:15am - 12:45pm)
Men's and Women's Halfpipe Practice
(12:45pm - 1:15pm)
Men's and Women's Halfpipe Finals
(1:30pm - 3:30pm)
Halfpipe Awards
(3:45pm - 4:15pm)


Burton New Zealand Open

FIRST MAJOR EVENT ON THE 2009/2010 SWATCH TTR WORLD TOUR Burton New Zealand Open Provides Early Season Opportunity for Riders to earn TTR Points

The 2009/2010 Swatch TTR World Tour is officially underway with the first major event of the Southern Hemisphere leg will take place next week. The 5Star Burton New Zealand Open kicks off at Cardrona Alpine Resort on Tuesday, August 11th 2009 where riders will be greeted with a 22-foot pipe and a world-class slopestyle course giving competitors two opportunities to lock in a 2009/2010 Swatch TTR Ranking result.

The Burton New Zealand Open has served as the major TTR Tour kick-off event for the past four years and is a perfect opportunity for riders to get a jumpstart heading into the Northern Hemisphere winter. With 850 Swatch TTR Ranking points and a $50,000 USD prize purse up for the taking, riders from around the globe will be looking to secure a piece.

2008/2009 Swatch TTR World Champion, Peetu Piroinen (FIN), recently confirmed his attendance at the event and will be defending his World No. 1 position from the likes of World No. 2 Chas Guldemond (USA), World No. 3 Antti Autti (FIN) and World No. 6 Charles Reid (CAN). The tight-knight Frends crew, all of which are ranked in the Top 30 on the TTR Tour, will also be upping the ante at this year’s New Zealand Open with Danny Davis, Luke Mitrani, Jack Mitrani and Mason Aguirre all slated to make an appearance.

The women’s side of the competition field is stacked with some heavy Swatch TTR Tour competitors including 2008/2009 TTR World Champion and current World No. 1 Kelly Clark (USA) who will definitely be a standout in the 22-foot pipe. Current World No. 3, Jamie Anderson (USA), is back at the New Zealand Open looking to clinch her second-consecutive Slopestyle title. Norwegian rider and current World No. 2, Lisa Wiik, turned some heads last season on the tour and is sure to be a force at the event. European Top 10 TTR riders, Silvia Mittermueller (GER) and Sarka Pancochova (CZE) are all due to be present in New Zealand making for some strong competition.

The Burton New Zealand halfpipe finals will take place on Friday, August 14th and slopestyle finals on Saturday, August 15th 2009. All semi-finals and finals.

After the Burton New Zealand Open wraps up, the Southern Hemisphere leg of the Swatch TTR will continue in Australia with the 4Star Stylewars and the 3Star Boost Mobile Sno Sho. The Tour will return to New Zealand for the 3Star Billabong BroDown before turning to the Northern Hemisphere, which is only a short time away.


World Snowboard Federation

WSF is the only international organisation working uniquely to develop and support snowboard at all levels, including competitions and education, disable and adaptive snowboarding, activities for riders of any age. WSF is a network of national snowboard associations cooperating worldwide for the development and promotion of the sport. Members find in WSF a source of inspiration and support to their activities. WSF can create added value for everybody involved in snowboard on national level and offers ideas, handbooks and initiatives, the result of an organization whose components share the same goal: progression of snowboarding at all levels.

WSF was constituted formally August 10th 2002 in Munich, by delegates from 14 nations - in order to fill the void after the collapse of ISF.
The initiative was taken by Japan and Norway – with support from most of the nations worldwide. It was operational late November 2002 due to workshop- consensus in Vienna.

The organized independent snowboard culture have a history more than 20 years back. The break down of the ISF and PSA Europe left an empty space and a need of creating a new international entity – to take care of the best parts of the old culture .

We are aiming at stimulating activities that can make the snowboarding grow and develope in the spirit of the original, genuine culture that has been created by the pioneers of snowboarding and the pro-riders – the heroes of the kids.

WSF development
We have been focusing the preparation of future activities, building up a new network of dedicated snowboard-managers and leaders worldwide through national organisations.
We have been coordinating exchange of know-how, support and activities.
Our target-group has been the kids, youngsters rookies in all nations and national activities in general.
In a very short time of operation we have been recognised by almost all nations.
We have been especially involved with new upcoming snowboard-nations/regions and are very happy to see the increasingly strong growth and development in eastern Europe, and Asia.
We also have close relations to- and ranking cooperations with TTR making links from our grassroot-activities to the pro-level.

FIS takes care of their World-Cup and Olympics. We aim at caring for the rest – the development and survival of snowboarding – by getting involved with the management of the future generation of riders and make them a part of our culture.

WSF organisation and management
The management is originally located at HQ in Prague, financed by membership-fees. After last general assembly 2006 in Prague, the organization of the WSF was splitted in different head quarter (Norway, Italy, Russia, Czek Repubblic, Japan) according to the task of different working group.
Our organisational activities are taken care by experienced professionals in many countries, with dedication for the sport and an efficient way of working. WSF is a reliable and predictable partner, based on network-activity.
Our working concept is to be catalytic, stimulating and coordinating in order to achieve our goals.
The boardmembers consist of delegates from Japan, Russia, Italy, France, USA and Norway.

WSF future perspectives
We realise that our future work will depend on cooperation with all parties that have the same goals as WSF: growth and development of snowboarding world wide. This include the relation to the Industry, Pro-riders, event-organisers and many more.

WSF Statutes
WSF action are based on the Statutes downloadable here.


President & CEO
Gunnar Tveit
postal address: Brattveien 15, 1344 Haslum, Norway
email: gutveit@online.no
office phone: +47 90846969
mobile phone: +47 90846969

Press Office & Media Relation
Marco Sampaoli
email: marco@worldsnowboardfederation.org
mobile phone: +39 3403285569


The Snow-Camp Everest Challenge

Join other keen skiers and snowboarders as we race down 57,000 vertical feet in the Austrian Alps. That's twice the height of Mt. Everest!
...and do it all to raise money for Snow-Camp.

By going to www.snow-camp.co.uk/everestchallenge filling out the online form and paying the joinging fee of £185.

Everything! That is flights (heathrow - munich), transfers (munich - zell am see), ski passes, accommodation and meals. We also provide all participants with training/fundraising support leading up to the event.

Each participant needs to raise a minimum of £1,500. We provide support and a webpage at justgiving.com/snowcamp to help each participant reach and exceed this target.

Yes! We welcome club, company or organisations that want to sign -up multiple people as a team.

We'll be riding for 9 hours a day for two days in a row so you will need better than average levels of fitness. Groups will be divided into Speeding Demons, Intermediates and Cruisers, with each group having its own guides.


Yep. All the coffee, apfelstudel and refreshments you want are available back at the hotel. After the Challenge, we will throw a bash (with award ceremony) after resting our legs at the Badhofgastein hot baths back in the village.

+ info



La semana del 25 de julio al 1 de agosto tendrá lugar en el Hotel Newton, infraestructura gestionada por Gravedad Cero Snowboard y Ungravity Freestyle Company, "The Girls Week" una semana pensada y diseñada para y por chicas dónde todas las amantes del Freestyle: Freeski, Snowboard o Mountainbike, podrán compartir experiencias y convivir 7 días en el Hotel Newton. Que se ha convertido en su primer año en una de las referencias de Les2Alpes, tanto para tomar una copa, comerse una buena paella o para alojarse en un ambiente tranquilo y agradable.

La semana estará llena de sorpresas, actividades y muy buen ambiente.
Así pues, si te apasionan los deportes extremos, es tu semana para alojarte en nuestro Hotel o pasarte a disfrutar de las actividades que propondremos por sólo 480€ alojamiento, comida y forfait incluidos.


Bonfire Pipe to Pipe

The longest running summer snowboard contest in the world.

Ams and Pros come together for a day of rail jam action at Windell's on hill park followed by a skate contest in the newly renovated BOB park.

Ams win prizes and Pro's take home the cash.

Grab a hot dog, some SPF, and a digi cam because this contest is up close and personal.

Registration is free, open to the public and all campers at Windell's and HCSC.

June 11 - July 11 -July 19

Free Music, BBQ and tons of prizes from event sponsors: Bonfire, Windell's, Timberline, Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, Salomon Snowboards, Skullcandy, Magical Go Go , Pom Pom, The Art Institute of Portland and Ballpark Hot Dogs.

South American Snow Sessions VIP Sesh

SASS has been doing the camp thing for a while. We like to think we are the best at it. But there is still a ton that we can't let our under 18 guests partake in. So we set up a whole week devoted to catering to our 18+ guests, or as we are calling them, our VIP's. The week will be filled with sightseeing, the best parties at the hottest South American clubs, and of course the deepest pow in Argentina. Guides are provided on the hill, and we set up the afterparties. It's everything SASS is known for, without the summer camp feel.

The session runs from August 29 until Sept 7.

Hope to see you in Argentina!


FBBB hit the biggest indoor snow park in the world!!!

Five slopes & eight lifts. Two green, one blue and even a red slope.

The world's longest slope of 520 meters.

For freestyle skiers and snowboarders, there is an official indoor FIS funpark (largest indoor funpark of the world).

With the six person chair lift, original Austrian Almhütte on the slope, the winter sports feeling is completed. A comfort ride with the chair lift, takes you to the top of the slope, where you can start the descent. To get warmed up during the skiing, you can enter the Almhütte for a hot chocolate with whipped cream or a glühwein. Here you really get the feeling that you are in the Alps!

Besides this, SnowWorld has the newest rental equipment and an international ski- and snowboard school. In March, the doors of Sporthotel SnowWorld Landgraaf are opened.

Finally you can go on a winter sports holiday to the Netherlands!

Friday - Solo Jam Session 7pm - 11pm.
Friday Evening Grand Afterparty 11pm - 3am.
Saturday - Team Jam Battle (4 vs 4 - 2 Boys & 2 Girls - Teams selected randomly) 7pm - 11pm.
Saturday Evening Chill Out After Party 11pm - 3am.

17,50 Euros PER DAY (MEMBERS)

Single Room 125 Euros per person per night
Double Room 105 Euros per person per night
Three in 1 Room 95 Euros per person per night
Four in 1 Room 90 Euros per person per night

Slope pass and full board included in the above prices

Reservations fbbb@snowworld.com


Betty Jam Snow '10 @ Facebook

4ème édition du Betty Jam Snow
Slopestyle Snowboard et Ski ouvert à tous les niveaux, mais réservé aux filles.
Evènement ouvert à tous, mais compétition réservées aux filles.


4th Betty Jam
Snowboarding and Skiing contest for every level, only for girls
Events open to everybody but contest only for girls


+ info:


DC WARRIORS @ La Molina (Spain)

De especial interes para Snow-Shops con Teams:

Cada tienda es una banda, todas las bandas son WARRIORS y se reunen todas el dia 29 de marzo en La Molina en el DC WARRIORS.

Se disputa un Slope Style, pero si la nieve esta demasiado ''papa'' la accion se centrara en los modulos y barandillas... rollo Jibbing.

DC quiere que lo paseis bien y os lleveis una pasta para este veranito... 3.500 pavos repartidos entre las 3 primeras WARRIORS SHOP.

Las primeras tiendas que se inscriban tendran gratis el hotel y las dietas.

No importa si teneis sponsor o si no andais ni con la WE, estais todos invitados: abierto a todo el mundo, los mas WARRIORS se llevaran la pasta, pero el engorile y la fiesta estaran asegurados para todo el mundo.

Preparar vuestro nombre y trajes de guerra y nos vemos el 29 de Marzo en el DC WARRIORS a las 9.00 am en La Molina.

Grupo Bonzo
Pere Sanmarti


PYRENIUM TOUR 2009 Etape Snowboard 28 mars à Saint Lary

PYRENIUM TOUR 2009, c'est quoi?

L'event le plus complet de l'année où tout est fait pour passer 2 put*ins de journée!

Au programme de l'étape Snow:
Du freestyle ( Slopestyle) avec des kamikases sur le plus gros et plus beau snowpark des pyrénées
+ de 5000$ de lots et Prize money $$$

Une night session photoshoot sur un secret spot avec Prize money $$$

Une night party d'anthologie avec IPOD battle et plein de surprises!

Attention ça va faire mal aux yeux!

Inscriptions 25 € avec BBQ et Forfait
Lieu: devant le téléphérique et à Espiaube à partir de 9H.
Contest ouvert aux filles et aux garçons de 10 à 99 ans

Pour chaque contest + de 5000$ de lots à gagner et du prize money $$$.


Love Park's 6th Annual Vert Alert

New Park for '09 Vert Alert Series

Love Park is being moved and completely redesigned just for the 2009 Vert Alert Series.

The new Love Park will be located on Bennett's Bowl off Chair 2. Check back for updates.

  • Amatuer slopestyle competition open to all ages and abilities.
  • Rregistration fee gets you lunch from Wahoo's Fish Taco and Mountain Dew plus an event t-shirt.
  • Registration starts at 8am in the Rathskeller and is open to the first 80 competitors.
  • Pick up coupons for discounted event entry and lift tickets at any front range Wahoo's Fish Taco.
  • Over $5000 in prizes for each event: Skis, snowboards, jackets, helmets, goggles etc..


Road Gap 2009

На 21 Март в района на Спортна База Белмекен ще се проведе за 5-та поредна година най-атрактивното и предизвикателно състезание по ски и сноуборд свободен стил. От Planet X с голямо удоволствие ви каним да посетите едно от най-популярните събития в разрастващата се измежду днешната младеж фристайл култура.

Мероприятието представлява ски и сноуборд състезание на специално изграден скок над пътя към Спортна База Белмекен. Прелитайки над пътя най-добрите скиори и сноубордисти в България, ще изпълняват сложни фриистайл трикове на голяма височина.

Стартът на състезанието ще бъде даден в 12:00ч. на 21 март, като финалите се очакват към 14:00ч. Мероприятието ще приключи с традиционното голямо парти, на което ще бъдат отличени победители.

Повече информация на www.planet-x.org или на тел.0888 38 48 08.

За безпроблемно достигане Спортна База Белмекен е подходящо да се използва картата.

Планет Х.

The World Quarter Pipe Championships

A Celebration of Transition and Fire

Since the late 90s, before the complete redesign and deconstruction of snowboard contests according the needs of TV and the interests of the large corporate sponsors footing the bill, a “world-class” event was created by a couple magazine editors at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire that would forever change snowboarding. On what was probably a gray spring day in March, 1998, the World Quarterpipe Championships were born.

Over the years, snowmobiles have been stolen from ski patrol, inflatable pools have been ridden on the hill, board bags full of beer have been dragged up the mountain, Ross Power’s Olympic-winning board has been thrown on the fire, hotels have evicted everyone associated with the event, and “contestants” have been pelted with snow and ice as they jump a bonfire on the run-in. It was, and still is, a lawless event run by snowboarders for snowboarders. After a three-year hiatus, the gauntlet fire was re-ignited last March at Tim and Chris Waker’s Timber Ridge for some much-needed celebration of snowboarding.

Once again, 2009 will see the World Quarters back at Timber Ridge, the lawless private resort owned and operated by the Wakers. With the support of the Rome SDS, Red Bull, Oakley, Iceberg and co-founder Pat Bridges, the stage is set for a new rider to be added to the list of legends that have held the title of the best Quarterpipe Rider in the world.

The World Quarters an event that defines the word “open”: any rider, international pro or random kid from Jersey, is free to drop in and compete. There are no VIP tents, no media credentials, no invitation lists and no bag searches to worry about. The mayhem is set to unfold on Monday March 23rd at Timber Ridge. Will Kevin Casillo or Shane Flood make an appearance to try to reclaim their fame of years past? Will the Magic Mountain Motel allow us back as patrons? We’ll see.

  • Who: International pros, local shreds, vagrants
  • What: Quarterpipe, The Gauntlet, Mini Shred, Pat Bridges Handplants, Snowmobiles, Party, After-party
  • Where: Timber Ridge Private Resort on the backside of Magic Mountain in Londonderry, VT
  • When: Monday March 23rd 2009 – All day
  • Why: For fun.
  • How: Free bus shuttle from Magic Mountain parking lot.
Check www.romesnowboards.com for directions, and more details on the up-coming World Quarterpipe Championships



Primera edición del ARAN STYLE.
Competición de esquí freestyle en Baqueira Beret (Stadium de Beret) con la partipación de los mejores riders nacionales.

PRIZE MONEY: 6.000 euros

Entrenamientos oficiales
Rondas clasificatorias
Finales indidividuales

Competición por parejas
Entrega de trofeos


Tienes 24horas para crear un corto de unos 3 minutos
por equipos de 3 personas...

start: viernes 6 de marzo 10h am
end: sabado 7 de marzo 10h am

Viernes noche fiesta con sorteos de material en NEMO el tarter a partir de las 22h
y el sabado a partir de las 21h visionado y la entrega de premios en NEMO el tarter.

Para inscriptiones, publicar un mensage en el evento en facebook

Burton Rail Session, фън-парк Ариана

Не се отпускайте по празниците, или поне не много, защото веднага след тях на 5-ти март ще се проведе Burton Rail Session, който ще разлюлее София като третомартенска заря!

За никого не е тайна, че фън парк Ариана е изключително сериозен фактор за развитието на родната фрийстайл сцена през този сезон. За нас изразът “парк в центъра на София” се превърна в клише, а в същото време безброй много държави с традиции в зимните спортове и по-специално в сноуборда не могат да се похвалят с подобно място. Не е тайна, че и от Burton Snowboards подкрепят проекта от самото му начало.

И така, още веднъж Burton Snowboards и фън-парк Ариана обединяват сили и на 5-ти март на гореспоменатата локация ще се състои Burton Rail Session, чиято цел е хем да събере всички най-добри фристайл райдери, които да се борят за наградения фонд от 1000 лв и предметни награди, хем да достави удоволствие на зрителите – дошли специално за събитието или случайно минаващи покрай централната локация.

Записването за участие ще започва от (27-ми февруари) на www.whiteroom.info, откъдето ще може да изтеглите нужните за целта документи, а цялата процедура ще улесни, както вас, така и организаторите от Burton Snowboards и Flip Mode. Няма такса за участие, а попълнените документи изпращайте на sasho@energytrade.org.

Ето и програмата на Burton Rail Session:

12:00-14:00 Регистрация (за тези, които не са успяли да направят това предварително)

14:00-16:00 Тренировка

16:00-17:30 Квалификации

18:00-20:00 Джем сесия

20:30 Награждаване

Изисквания към участниците:

- Попълнени декларация и формуляр (можете да ги изтеглите от тук или да ги получите на място при записване)

- Пълномощно, подписано от родител или настойник (за участниците под 18 г.)

- Състезателна застраховка

- Каска и гръбен протектор през цялото време на тренировките и финалите!

Наградите ще са в следните категории:

I-ва награда – за цялостно представяне (най-добър райдър)

II-ра награда – най-добър трик

III-та награда – young blood


84 cm (33 in) of snow since Sunday, upcoming events...

Whistler Blackcomb has received 84 cm (33 in) of snow since Sunday and skiers and riders have had a whole week of face shots.

Sadly, we’ll be saying goodbye to February this weekend, but the next few months are going to be action-packed. We thought we’d let you know about a few of the things this weekend:

  • Sat. Feb. 28 – Showcase Showdown is back with the Backyard Slopestyle. Inspired by the mini-parks in locals’ backyards all over Whistler, the Showdown will blow the scene up with a snowboard slopestyle at the base of Whistler Mountain. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=68115927666
  • Sun. Feb. 29 – Burton Girls Shred Day - meet at 9am at the Burton Women’s Store for free hot chocolate and grab a brand new 2010 Burton demo board before hitting the mountain. Free wine & cheese back at the store for après and tons of Burton giveaways!
  • Sat. Feb. 28 & Sun. Feb. 29 – Burton Demo Days - ladies & gentlemen, come test out the brand new 2010 boards! Demo location on Sat. will be at the base of Whistler next to the GLC in the Village, Sun. will be in store at the Burton Women\'s Store Whistler Village.
On now until March 13 - Save 40% OFF select Ski and Snowboard Lessons during Discover Whistler Days. Improve your skills, grow your confidence and ski or ride terrain you always wanted to with Whistler Blackcomb Ski and Snowboard School\'s world class Pros. For more info visit whistlerblackcomb.com, call 1.800.766.0449 or drop into any of our Ski and Snowboard School Sales locations. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=65539824055

Coming up to Whistler soon? Check out some of these great deals on lodging, lift tickets & rentals...

Whistler Ski Escape Packages on now till April 14, 2009. Third night free, and two day lift tickets from $113 per person, per night.

$99 lift ticket & rental!! Visit participating Lower Mainland 7-Eleven locations to purchase a 1 day adult lift ticket for $78 OR $99 for a 1 day lift ticket & rental voucher.

Have a great weekend! Hope to see you on the mountain.
Let the snow fly!!


Contest Freestyle 21 et 22 février 2009 @ Auron

Il s'agit de présenter au public, amateur de glisse et de sensations fortes, les jeunes Freestyler connus ou non dans leurs stations régionales et à l'extérieur. Durant la compétition sur le snowpark, les participants présenteront des figures étonnantes à proximité des skieurs et snowboarders, ce qui attirera le public et l'impressionnera. Faire connaître l'accessibilité à ces activités sportives, et susciter le désir de les pratiquer en ces lieux, dans un environnement enchanteur, tel est le but de cet évènement : Compétition ludique et rafraîchissante au cœur des pistes de la station d'Auron. L'événement a été choisi comme clôture de la semaine « En glisse vers 2018 », et la station d'Auron mettra a notre disposition des scooters afin d'acheminer les riders en haut du park !!! Et d'autres choses encore !
Le déroulement de l'événement :

L'événement se déroulera sur 2 jours, le samedi journée « meeting », les participants découvriront le park, ses modules, et pourront s'entrainer sans pression pour tester l'ensemble du park...et le dimanche les choses sérieuses ;
Le samedi :

* - Ouverture du Snowpark à 10h
* - Session libre de 10h à 12h
* - Pause repas de 12h à 13h
* - Seconde session libre de 13h à 16h30

Le dimanche :

* - Ouverture du Snowpark à 9h30
* - Qualifications de 10h à 12h
* - Pause repas de 12h à 13h
* - Demi-finales par catégorie de 13h à 14h - Finales et petites finales de 14h à 15h
* - Session libre réservé aux Pro de 15h à 16h avec élection du meilleur tricks.
* - Remise des prix, à partir de 17h, sur la place centrale d'Auron, avec la présence de différentes personnalités, ainsi que les médias présents le dimanche...

Le dimanche soir:

* - Soirée NSS, à la discothéque « La Piscine », sous le Cinéma d'Auron
* - Entrée 5 € !!

Ouverture de la soirée à 21h30 , jusqu'à minuit et demi, Soirée réservé aux riders, participants du Contest NSS, Staff, dirigeant(s), représentant(s), dans une ambiance HIP HOP, « look rider » obligatoire !!
*RENSEIGNEMENT : 06 68 37 28 15, Président de l'association NSS, Mr COPPOLA.

© Nss-asso.com 2009

SNOW.boART.TV @ Facebook

SNOW.boART.TV on Facebook